The innovative structure of the system – no rotating nor moving parts, unique signaling method and advanced radar signals processing algorithms results with significantly lower energy consumption if compared to similar in performance systems available today.

The low energy consumption along with small size and low weight, allows us, among other advantages, to implement portable, hand carried, systems operated by portable batteries.

Alternatively, use of solar panels to power the system, will reduce system’s installation price and make it a lot more simple.

Integrating a cellular communication capabilities, allows a “Deploy and Forget” configuration which makes deployment of the systems in large compounds possible, without the need of creating a designated infrastructure or physical access of the users to the system.

The system is capable of controlling and directing complementary security means, such as CCTVs, in order to further investigate the threat detected by the radar. By that, overhead time of manpower used for watching CCTV’s is reduced and cuts back on number of security teams rousting towards every incident. This will further reduce security costs of the organizations.

All our systems are working in the ISM frequency bands according to all regulations. Therefore, the radiated energy poses no danger to human and animals near by.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Portable and hand carried
  • Small size
  • Low weight
  • No rotating or moving parts
  • Deploy and Forget model
  • Operates by portable batteries and Solar panels
  • Completely radiation safe
  • Environmentally friendly

The System proposes a premium solution at low cost for