Airport compound security


It is needless to emphasize the importance of early warning systems around airports. It has been long recognized and targeted by terrorists as strategic sites for attacks and as such, these sites are under continuous thereat.

Another layer of security is around the aircraft while standing in the gates or during maintenance. At that time, there is no actual guard around the aircrafts and it is of great importance and necessity to establish a portable, fast deployed security measure to provide early warning against unauthorized persons approaching the aircraft.

Our system is tailored to such application. It is light weight and carried by a single person, consumes extremely low power therefore no grid or expensive infrastructure need to be placed around the aircrafts. The system is rechargeable battery driven or solar driven and due to its’ low cost, even protecting large number of aircraft in major airport is still easily affordable.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Small size
  • Low weight
  • Portable and hand carried
  • No rotating or moving parts
  • Deploy and Forget model
  • Operates by portable batteries and Solar panels
  • Completely radiation safe
  • Environmentally friendly