Perimeter security


In today’s security challenges, surveillance systems incorporating Radars for early warning, when incorporated as part of the security solution, allow early warning, detection and tracking of human intruders with superior performance.

To this time, such systems are rarely deployed due to high costs derived by high Radars costs, high infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Thanks to our patented breakthrough technology, ARTsys360 solution offers all benefits of early warning radar while keeping it at low-power, low-cost, high reliability and low false alarm rate.

Our Radar allows the detection and tracking of intruders over full 360° in azimuth without any moving mechanical parts eliminating the usage of azimuth pedestal resulting with more reliable and reduced costs system.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Small size
  • Low weight
  • Portable and hand carried
  • No rotating or moving parts
  • Deploy and Forget model
  • Operates by portable batteries and Solar panels
  • Completely radiation safe
  • Environmentally friendly