Drones are

3D-360 Micro radar to detect and track
drones, people and vehicles

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Who we are

ARTSYS360 – is developing an innovative Radar system to be
deployed around compounds such as nuclear and plants, water
reservoirs and communication facilities delivering resources central
to ourdaily well-being.

These compounds require a comprehensive range of security
measures along their borders to deliver alerts on trafficking,
smuggling, illegal entry and other activities.

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Meet us at ISDEF – The International Defense, HLS & Cyber Expo

Taking place on June 4-6, 2019, Exhibition Venue, Tel Aviv Convention Center, Rokach Blvd 101, […]

13. May .2019

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Drone attack

Drone briefly shuts down operations at Dublin airport

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Flight operations at Dublin airport were briefly suspended on Thursday due to […]

31. Mar .2019

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airport drone

Drones Shut Down an Airport: Now What?

How should governments and the drone industry respond?The following is a guest post by Timothy […]

3. Mar .2019

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