3D-360 Urban Monitor Sensor for Drones traffic

We are Rapidly Approaching an Era When Unmanned-Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – Will Proliferate – e.g.; Drones Will Soon be Used for Deliveries.
Use of UAVs, Drones, Quadracopters is growing rapidly and Urban Aerial Traffic Needs to be Monitored and Controlled.
drone detectiondrone detection

Our Micro-Radar Grid systems:
  • Monitor the Aerial Environment for detection and tracking of UAVs
  • Query On-Board Transponders to identify of the UAVs
  • Make possible Grid Operation by creating networks of Micro-Radars in urban areas
  • Facilitate Handover of UAVs between Radars in the grid for continuous tracking
  • Enable FAA and otherlaw enforcement to access the cloud grid for:
  • Tracking
  • Communication
  • Friend-or-Foe Identification
  • Capacitate RF Jamming: to block all GPS, cellular and video transmission (optional 3rd. party)
The FAA is considering requiring UAVs to be equipped with at least two of the following:
  • Transponder
  • Localization Module (GPS, INS etc.)
  • Satellite Communication module
  • Cellular Communication module
Our Systems’ Advantages
  • Cost: Breakthrough technology allows Micro-Radar grids to be set up low cost
  • Blind Zone Coverage: Assures detection and tracking in high density environments
  • Low Radiated Power: Complies with urban safety regulations
  • Low Maintenance Costs: Our radars have no moving parts, only solid state technology
  • Grid Coverage: Each UAV is covered by several Micro-Radars to enhance performance (Smooth hand over).
  • Immediate Response: In times of emergency, notification and instructions may be provided to one or several UAVs simultaneously in order to deviate UAV traffic.