RS360-400 is aimed to meet the needs of the Physical Intrusion Detection (PID) market for effective, affordable, low-cost and reliable radar system, that will improve compounds security in a range of hundreds meters, in accuracy of 1 degree (3± meters in 300 meters range). Within this range, the device will be able to differentiate a single target from a collective one, and between animals, humans and vehicles, and will be able to follow up to 3 targets at the same time.

The radar will be composed of a conical wave conductor, attached to 8 electrical pins, each generates an electro-magnetic, linearly polarized, transmitted in a certain direction from the antenna (45 degrees zone). Radar signal are created in each connection point separately, by a pre-determined order. After the signal transmission, the received energy reflected off the target is sampled at all points, and by the Reciprocity principal, an effect is created that is identical to a circulation of the wave around the radar. By processing the received signals, the system calculates the distance, azimuth, height and speed of the target from which the signal was received.

Eliminating the need of any mechanically rotating parts will improve system performance and will enable continuous monitoring and control of the zone within a 360 degrees in azimuth along range, without creating dead spots. In addition, the absence of rotating parts will significantly reduce the possible points-of-failure, which will reduce cost of system maintenance, as well as the cost of the system.

The innovative structure of the system- no rotating parts, unique signaling method and advanced radar signals processing algorithms – results with significantly lower energy consumption if compared to similar in performance systems available today. This low energy consumption, along with small size and low weight, will enable, among other advantages, to implement portable, hand carried, systems operated by portable batteries. Alternatively, use of solar panels to power the system, will reduce system’s installation price and make it a lot more simple. Integrating a cellular communication capabilities, will enable a “Deploy and Forget” configuration which will make deployment of the systems in large compounds possible, without the need of creating a designated infrastructure or physical access of the users to the system.

The system will be able to control and direct complementary security means, such as CCTVs, in order to further investigate the threat detected by the radar. This will reduce overhead time of manpower used for watching CCTV’s and will cut back on number of security teams rousting towards every incident. This will further reduce security costs of the organizations.