Boarder protection


Border protection is all about preventing trafficking, smuggling, illegal entry and any other non-authorized activity.

Early warning system will often be adopted into existing security infrastructures in order to enhance monitoring over 360 degrees in azimuth and coverage of up to 400 meters in range. Yet, for those long borders, placing the infrastructure is extremely costly.

The solution lies in self-sufficient systems. Low cost, low power consumption, high durability and deploy-and-forget model are the key answers.

Our systems excel in those parameters making them the perfect candidate for early detection and tracking of intruders.

Yet, once an intruder managed to skip away from all other measures, our 360° coverage will keep tracking the intruders to guide police forces toward them.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Small size
  • Low weight
  • Portable and hand carried
  • No rotating or moving parts
  • Deploy and Forget model
  • Operates by portable batteries and Solar panels
  • Completely radiation safe
  • Environmentally friendly